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    4th October 1998

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Dubious ad agencies exploit young, girls

  • Triveni in concert
  • A DJ competition
  • Film stars visit nursing home
  • Flaubert's 'Madame Bovary'
  • Round of applause for Lylie Godridge
  • "Sandakinduru": another love story
  • Five award winners at Japanese film festival
  • Dubious ad agencies exploit young, girls
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    Triveni in concert

    "Triveni in Concert Volume Four", a musical presentation will be held at the 'Lionel Wendt' on October 6 at 7.30pm

    Triveni means meeting place of three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi, in Northern India.

    'We re-defined this and now Triveni is the meeting place for musicians from varied traditions, said Krisha, the one of the best percussionists in Sri Lanka.

    The musicians teamed up for the concert are Harsha Makalanda on piano, Aruna Siriwardena on drums, Krisha on percussion - poetry reading, Ravibandhu on percussion, Pranga on keyboards, Rafai Thoufeek on drums, Guy Halpe on bass and Lalanath de Silva on flute.

    The first Triveni and the second were held at the British Council Hall and the third at the German Cultural Institute.

    'This is the fourth and the final of Triveni. We will not have this forum agan,' said Krisha.

    The proceeds of the concert will to be for the welfare of musicians.

    A DJ competition

    All Island DJ Competition 98' organised by the Ultra Garden Entertainmaent will be held on October 18 at the Town Hall, Galle from 6.00 pm.

    Sri Lanka's top DJ groups will show their talents and audiences will enjoy a superlative display of music and mixing.

    Ultra Garden Entertainment has embarked on this competition to motivate the DJs to come up in the field and to create high standard of entertainment combining music and mixing.

    All DJs participating will be allocated a half an hour slot to perform and all the DJs will perform back to back last contestants' plays. Only two DJs can participate from each club.

    The competitors will bring their own Tapes/CD/Records and will be provided the equipment. Three winners will be announced and they in turn will have to play once more for the judges to make a final decision.

    There will be five judges marking and ranking them according to their talents. The judges decision will be final.

    There will be lot of entertainment and also number of prizes and surprises are in store for DJ fans.

    Any DJs or groups interested in participating in this event can co-ordinate with the chief organizer of the event Ranga on 09-22169 or Mahesh on 09-22063 for further details and clarifications.

    Film stars visit nursing home

    A galaxy of glittering film stars were seen in a Colombo private nursing home last week for five days.They had not visited the nursing home to see a patient or come for treatment.

    These film artistes were facing the camera for the climax shooting of director -cinematographer Danny W Pathirana's 'Sudukadathurawa'.(White Curtain).After a six month search the director had selected this venue because it had the type of staircase he was searching for."It's the stairway that attracted me.The story is based on an antique walauwa .with the traditional type of stairway.This was the only Imagestairway that suited the situation of the the story "he said.He was happy that the stairway had been constructed with quality solid timber giving it a fine finish.

    He was glad that "Sudukadathurawa" happens to be the last feature film to be filmed on this stairway."The Nursing Home is to be demolished and a modern hospital complex is to be built shortly.Stairways of this type are now not commissioned in modern constructions.Therefore my film will be the first and the last to be filmed here"Mr Pathirana. said. He lamented the loss of architechual features in future buildings.

    As it was the climax shooting schedule of the film all artistes playing the key roles were.present The cast included Ravindra Randeniya,Sangeetha Weeraratne, Angela Seneviratne, and Indrajith Nawinna

    Mr Pathirana who is the producer also of this film hopes to complete the balance work which is done indoors and release it next year.

    Premasiri Khemadasa will be the music director and Elmo Haliday the editor

    Flaubert's 'Madame Bovary' film causes a flutter

    By Kumaradasa Wagista.

    The film "Madame Bovary "is based on a novel written in 1850's by novelist Gustave Flaubert It was filmed and directed by John Scott.The film is scheduled to be released in New Olympia and Tusitha Peradeniya on Friday."Madame Bovary" which is considered Gustave Flaubert's master- piece is now a landmark in European literature.

    The heroine of the film Emma, a bored provincial housewife abandons her husband Charles Bovary for the love another man.Charles Bovary a provincial doctor who is so dedicated to the profession devotes more time to his patients neglecting the needs of his family.

    Incidentally author Gustave Flaubert''s father was a highly successful provincial doctor and chief surgeon of the municipal hospital in the town of Rouen.The family lived in the gloomy residential wing of the hospital.It was here Gustave Flaubert gained raw material for writing 'Madame Bovary'.

    The story is told in a flashback by one of Charles' classmates. Glimpses of his boyhood in the village,the priest who taught him ,his mother's ambitions for him,his school days,youthhood and a medical student are all impressively described.

    Then mother's manoeuvres to marry him to a a rich woman.However his attachment to the medical profession neglecting his family life was the root cause of the problem.He considered being with the sick and looking after their needs more valuable than looking into family needs.Boredam caused his young wife to look for suitable companions to satisfy herself.

    She came across several young men who met her at social events.This troubled young wife's life comes to a tragic end.

    When Gustave Flaubert wrote this novel, France was passing the first decade of the railway revolution.It was a time when the new means of communication the railway,telegraph,news-paper were getting closer and closer to people's participation.The village was beginning to feel the first shock of the new developments The small scale economy was changing.

    The cast comprise Edwige Fenech,Franco Ressel,Gerhard Riedmann,Peter Carstan,Mania Goleg and Gianni Dei.The film is produced by Herald A Hoeller. The film is for adults only.

    Round of applause for Lylie Godridge

    By Daffy Duck

    "Thank you for coming here today, It means a lot to me. Also for being here with me in my hour of need both with prayers and financial help" were the words spoken by deeply touched Lylie Godridge (popularly known as Uncle Lylie). Last Saturday's show a fund raiser was organised by St. Peter's St. Joseph's and St. Benedict Colleges and was titled "The Saints go marching in ........ for Lylie!".

    The show started in the typical Sri Lankan manner, that is by starting 10 minutes late. The reason of course is to get the combined choir of 100 boys on stage, in pitch drakness, in total silence, is not a easy task. But they carried on so well that not a hum was heard from behind the curtains.

    The combined choirs opened with the National Anthem, Papal Anthem followed on by " Let there be peace on earth" conducted by Francis Almeida. Next number was Amigos Para Siempre (Friends for Life) conducted by Priyanthi.

    Then the Josephian's took over. There were a slight change with their programme. Most amazing fact was their conductor the young Surien Abeywickrama. His first task was to mouth the words "smile" "smile" "smile" to his choir, with himself practising it for once I didn't notice his smile missing from his face. Their numbers included the "Holy City" "Unchained Melody" "Annie's Song" and the memorable solo by Lakneetha Perera backed by the choir. The Josephians have reached the pinnacle of perfection, so that so even the Peacock joined in with them with his every own version "Peacock Special". Applause! Applause! to the Josephians.

    Next was the Benedictine Choir, rather small in number but they were good too. They sang "Now Unto Him" "What a Wonderful World" "Lean on Me" "you Win Again" and their conductor was Gerald Sellamuttu.

    After the break the much awaited Peteries were on stage. They started with their Quintet (Sopranos) all comprising of juniors. They sang "Pie Jesu" & Climb Every Mountain". Then the St. Peter's Choir joined in with "Lift up your Heads" "Memory" "Bridge Over Trouble Waters" "Somewhere Out There" "Everything I do" "Can you feel the Love Tonight". Priyanthi of course their conductor, accompanied Yohan at the piano for couple of numbers.

    Next the Sopranos of the combined choirs "All Things Bright & Beautiful" and the Tenors & Basses with the famous tribute "Candle In The Wind".

    It was time for the combined choir to take over for the grand finale with "Somewhere Over The rainbow, "Zodak The Priest" and "The Saints Go Marching In"

    The event had small problems due to lack of organisation. The seating arrangements were uneven, and the audience at the rear of the hall were complaining that their view of the stage was blocked by persons seated in front.

    The most unfortunate incident was when I returned after the interval, my own seat was occupied by three unknown people. The lady was seated in the reserved seat.

    Their explanation was that a priest gave them permission. Next time the organisers should decide who they want there before giving invitations, or else the St. Peter College Prefect's should have been more vigilant as to who occupies reserved seats.

    Let's hope the teething problems would be taken care of when a future show is organised.

    "Sandakinduru": another love story

    Film actress Gothami Pathiraja has entered the field of teledrama production with 'Sandakinduru (Mermaid) directed by Christie Shelton Fernando for Swarnavahani.

    "Sandakinduru' has been filmed in a remote village in the Wanni where the villagers are chena cultivators.The main characters in this teledrama are Mudalihamy a wealthy man, an orphan Sandawathie who lives with her grandfather and Taniya the hunter who collects bees honey and sells Imagethem to help Sandawathie.

    However Sandawathie doesn't approve Taniya's way of livelihood.

    The other character who enters the scene is the new forest ranger Tharaka. His honesty in the discharge of duties becomes an obstacle to Mudalihamy's illicit timber business.Tharaka is attracted to Sandawathie and as a result trouble crops up between Taniya and Tharaka.

    Mudalihamy along with his henchmen work out a plan to get Tharaka transferred from the village.The plan works and as a result Tharaka is transferred to another area.After Tharaka is transferred Sandawathie and her grandfather face difficulties as there is no one to support them. Taniya through a woman writes a letter as written by Sandawathie to Tharaka stating to forget her as she is being supported by Taniya once again.

    The next change in the play is the unexpected death of Sandawathie's grandfather. Mudalihamy agrees to give money to Sandawathie to bury her grandfather's body by mortgaging her hut. Taniya takes away the girl and makes her to stay in his abode.But the drama doesn't end there.It continues and ends on an unexpected note.

    The cast comprise Gothami Pathiraja, Ranjan Ramanayake, Janaka Kumbukage, Rangana Premaratna, P.R.Perera, Indrajith Navinna, Berty Nihal, Gayana Sudharshini. Behind the screen titles include Sarath Wickrema (Music), Pushpakumara Rajaguru (Camera), P.K.H. Ratnasiri (Script). 'Sandakinduru' is scheduled to be telecast on Swarnavahini' from October 10.

    Five award winners at Japanese film festival

    Five award-winning Japanese films, sub-titled in English, will be on show at the Japanese Film Festival scheduled to begin on October 8 at the Lionel Wendt Theatre in Colombo. The Festival will also shift to Kandy where the films will be screened at the Public Library Auditorium on October 18 and 19.

    The films to be screened are (October 8, 6.30 p.m.) An Ocean to Cross, (October 9, 6.30 p.m.) August in the Water, (October 10, 3.30 p.m) Young Girls in Love, 6.30 p.m., The Longest Tunnel, (October 11, 3.30 p.m.) A Scene at the Sea, 6.30 p.m. An Ocean to Cross. The film "An Ocean to Cross" and "A Scene at the Sea" will be screened in Kandy on October 18 at 3.30 p.m and 6.30 p.m. respectively. On the following day (October 19) the films "Young Girls in Love" and "August in Water" will be shown at the same times respectively. Except for the opening film in Colombo "An Ocean to Cross" all other shows thereafter in Colombo and Kandy will be open to the public free of charge. The opening film in Colombo will be for invitees who have been requested to be present 15 minutes before show time after which members of the general public will be allowed in. "An Ocean to Cross" is the story of four young Buddhist monks who set sail from Japan to China in the first century. They encounter the hazards of the sea, tossing waves and rain storms. Their mission in China is to search for a High Priest to spread Buddhism in Japan. The four monks encounter many temptations, worries and dangers in China.

    .The film "The Longest Tunnel" is about a disaster at sea in 1954 when a ferry plying between the northern-most island and the Japanese mainland sank killing 1426 passengers. The tragedy brought forth a demand for the construction of a tunnel beneath the channel.

    The film "A Scene at the Sea" depicts the story of a garbage collector, who despite being deaf and dumb, attempts to surf on the sea and go through many trials and tribulations along with his girl-friend who is also deaf and dumb. Could the garbage collector live to be a hero.

    The Delhi Lens
    By BJ

    Dubious ad agencies exploit young, girls

    Kate Winslet who played the female lead in the block buster movie 'Titanic' was in New Delhi recently.

    She was shooting for her new film 'Holysmoke' directed by Jane Campion whose earlier film 'Piano' won an oscar for Holly Hunter. 'Holysmoke has an Indian theme and revolves around an Australian woman played by Kate Winslet who is trying to flee a religious cult but begins a strange romance with the cult leader.

    In India it was shot in the holy city of Pushkart near Ajmer, Delhi and Agra. Pushkar is well known for the famous Brahma Temples. The Film Holysmoke is produced by a New South Wales based company John Chapman Productions.

    This is young Kate Winslet's second visit to India. She visited India in May this year and travelled to Rishikesh and Jaipur. However she survived only on boiled food during that visit. But this time a well known Indian food consultant was asked to prepare a special menu for her with clear instructions to use very little spices.

    Many dubious modelling agencies have mushroomed in Delhi. They have cashed in on the younger people's fascination for making it big and fast. The setting up of modelling agencies in Delhi is very easy as they don't require licence or permits. Most of them do not have offices as they operate from home or tiny places in crowded lanes.

    Most of the so-called modelling agencies demand an initial fee but there is no guarantee that any aspiring model will get an assignment. There are more females who want to join the glamour world of modelling and they come from rich and good backgrounds, most of them Convent educated. But they get caught in the traps laid by these dubious modelling agencies.

    They are interviewed several times, and persuaded to pose nude. There are cases where these agencies have drugged the girls with soft drinks had their nude pictures taken without their consent and the pictures sold like hot cakes. Most of the girls are blackmailed and are scared to come out with their stories to the police.

    However some advertising agencies accuse the girls of being blind to the needs of physical security and reputation as the girls trying to enter the world of beauty and glamour do not mind any bargain if it is a matter of getting an assignment.

    This is the situation in Delhi today. Dubious agencies making use of a crazy need of the younger generation to be in the limelight

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