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Vol. 33-No. 18 An African love story

4th October 1998

Situation Report


The Sunday Times Team

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  • The Editorial - Govt. in exile?
  • The Political Column - PA may field minority decoy
  • Situation Report - Kilinochchi calamity: worst debacle in 17 years war
  • The Fifth Column - Paradise recollected
  • Rajpal Abeynayake's Column - Lounge suits and battle fatigues
  • Commentary - Germany: Helmut's hat goes to new man
  • Hulftsdorp Hill - The decision he has to take
  • Outside Politics - *'Saree' for the mistake*Buthgottas no more*Sorry, it's a private visit
  • The Jungle Telegraph - *Unidentified helicopter*Missed opportunity*Forced retirement
  • The Special Assignment - *Shattered dreams behind Lion Air mystery*Their finest hour
  • Business

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