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3rd January 1999
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'What resolution with the war on?'

By Roshan Peiris
Two days ago dawned the new year 1999. A new year customarily brings with it new resolutions and this writer would like to first suggest some resolutions, sections of our society might make. 

This year we hope politicians who have a penchant for tight rope walking and shifting from one party to another would remain stable. 

Also that they would not make promises in gay abundance they know can't be fulfilled. 

The government itself as new year resolutions would one hopes try to bring down the cost of living and also find employment for all including of course, graduates. 

Also keep better law and order and have better governance. These resolutions would be appreciated by the nation in the New Year. 

Also decorum and dignity being maintained in Parliament by M.Ps would be a good new year resolution. The Prime Minister and the Speaker have often referred to this. 

Now to people. Goolbai Gunesekera, Principal of Asian International School says her new year resolution is to complete her mother's book Chosen Ground. "I am resolved to do so this year." 

Maheshwary Swaminathan, wife of lawyer J. Swaminathan of Julius and Creasy said, "I have resolved for the new year just to live each day as it comes. Resolution means planning ahead and that I don't want to do, what with a war on." 

Dr. A. Sheriffdeen, well known surgeon said his resolution for the new year was to improve the quality of his work so that he could serve the sick. 

"I am particularly concerned about poor patients and I want to help them all. I can with quality treatment improve on what I am already doing." 

Karunasena Kodituwakku, media spokesman for the UNP said "My new year resolution is to rally round all forces irrespective of ethnicity, religion, caste or class. 

"I want in the New Year to resolve to rally them all to topple this government democratically of course. The provincial council elections I would like to add, are a blessing in disguise, I think." 

Earle de Fonseka, for forty years the respected Conductor of the Colombo Symphony Orchestra said "My new year resolution is to love my neighbour as myself, irrespective of their backgrounds etc. 

"My firm resolution is to love every single person in the world. I know I hope to keep resolutely to this New Year resolution Today there is too much hate, envy and the like." 

Raja Collure, General Secretary of Sri Lanka's Communist Party said that he and his party want to resolve the ethnic problem. This is an important resolution for the new year. 

"Our party and I will concentrate on resolving the ethnic problem and ending the ongoing war through a political solution. 

For this it is necessary that the government and the opposition adopt a bi-partisan approach to the solution of the problem in the interests of the people and the country.

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