ISSN: 1391 - 0531


Vol. 33-No. 31 Situation Report

3rd January 1999

Come '99: What a record of damage!

The Sunday Times Team

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Front Page
  • The Editorial - Why late, why the hurry?
  • The Diplomatic Column - Hiccups almost scuttled Indo-Lanka free trade pact
  • Situation Report - Doubts, confusion over JOB mandate
  • Taraki's Column-Did President meet Gopalasamy?
  • The Fifth Column - Better early than late
  • Rajpal Abeynayake's Column - Oh no, it's that millennium thing again…
  • Hulftsdorp Hill - Supreme Court — the supreme protector
  • The Jungle Telegraph - *Warning *Threat to local bodies*Money lender*Interesting find*Satellite phone
  • The Special Assignment -* Fag racket blows hot*Gang wars: police going behind crooked   shadows 
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