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HNB FINANCE hosts social experiment in lieu of World Tourism Day 2022


Sri Lanka’s leading integrated financial services provider HNB FINANCE PLC recently celebrated World Tourism Day on September 27, 2022, with an exclusive social experiment to find out how hospitable Sri Lankans are to tourists who are in distress, which is probably a first-of-its-kind in the region.

The experiment, which can be seen on HNB FINANCE’s Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pages, spanned over four separate locations in the Hikkaduwa area, which is a famous location that attracts tourists for its sandy beaches and warm hospitality.

The experiment also goes in line with the theme for this year, “Rethinking Tourism: From Crisis to Transformation”, as it aims to debunk any claims that the recent crises have impacted the way Sri Lankans would treat people or help out someone in need, while still maintaining the authentic travel experience in Sri Lanka.

To achieve a genuine result, the company brought on a hidden camera crew who recorded the two foreigners who were acting as if their bike was broken down on the side of the road. The results were heartwarming.

From individuals to a couple, to a police officer and two friends, they all stopped and were ready to help out with getting their bike started, and were ready to supply the foreigners with their own petrol if that was the case.

Since ancient times, Sri Lanka has been world-renowned for its hospitality. At the moment, the nation is navigating through a rough patch, but it is clearly evident that the good qualities such as friendliness, hospitality and the urge to help out anyone in trouble haven’t gone anywhere.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with beautiful people who are always ready to help one another and show their love. HNB FINANCE invites foreign individuals to come and visit Sri Lanka with the confidence that they will always be looked after. Supporting the recovery of this country will undoubtedly go a long way with the Sri Lankan people, and it is always a beautiful thing to selflessly be a part of the process. HNB FINANCE fully supports the country’s tourism sector and is one of the preferred finance companies by those involved in the tourism industry.

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