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Malaysia to hire 10,000 Sri Lankan migrant workers


Putrajaya has agreed to bring in 10,000 migrant workers from Sri Lanka in view of the South Asian country’s ongoing economic crisis.

In a statement, human resources minister M Saravanan said the Sri Lankan government had made an official request to supply migrant workers to Malaysia.

He said the decision to take in the workers was one of Putrajaya’s efforts to assist Sri Lanka in braving its economic crisis.

“I urge industry players and employers to support the government’s intentions by hiring these Sri Lankan migrant workers in filling up vacancies in the relevant sectors.

“Employers who have been given their quota approval and paid their levies can take this opportunity,” Saravanan said.

Employers interested in hiring Sri Lankan workers can get more information by emailing the ministry’s migrant workers management centre at oscksm@mohr.gov.my, or the peninsula’s workforce department at jtksm@mohr.gov.my.

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  • chamiika senevirathne

    Wednesday, 21 September 2022 09:08 PM

    Thank you very much for the Malaysian government for giving a helping hand to the Sri Lankan people by giving an opportunity to work in Malaysia to over come the crisis here in Sri Lanka. Hats off.

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