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Relaxation in issuance of police reports to foreign job seekers


The Cabinet has decided to adopt a lenient policy in including previous offenses and minor offenses in the police clearance report to be obtained while leaving the country for foreign employment compliant with the proposal submitted by the Minister of Public Security Tiran Alles to the Cabinet.

Minister Alles has developed the proposal following Minister of Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara's request of job seekers having less opportunities in foreign employment owing to the inclusion of minor mistakes in the police report that is required to leave for foreign employment.

Hence, Minister Alles, has taken the advice of the Attorney General in this regard and has taken steps to formulate a new methodology.

It was further reported that decision has reached not to include the assigned cases in the police report and also in the event that a person has been acquitted from a legal matter or has been released from a legal matter, would not be mandatory to be included in the police clearance report.

Moreover, Minister Tiran Alles emphasized that offenses under all the acts aimed at ensuring national security and offenses under the Prevention of Terrorism Act will undeniably be included in the police report.

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