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SLPP to monitor their own candidates on campaign financing


The General Secretary of the SLPP, Sagara Kariywasam told the Sunday Times that they have deviced a plan to monitor their own candidates to ensure that they don’t violate the campaign finance law.

 He added that according to the newly passed campaign finance bill a candidate can only spend Rs 20 on a voter. However some candidates have already exceeded the amount by spending on posters and other ways to boost their popularity.

Therefore General secretary Kariyawasm said that the party would collect every detail of expenditure as well as use video evidence and create a system where the candidates who violate the Campaign Finance law would be monitored and action taken against them. 

 He added that they are fully prepared to face the election and are prepared with organizing activities in electorates as well. He added that they would face elections under the SLPP symbol in areas which have more SLPP supporters, while contesting elections under the UNP symbol in areas that have more UNP supporters. Or else they would use a symbol which has support of the people in relevant areas. 

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