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20th February 2000

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By Anuruddha Medawattegedera

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Oasis to reclaim lost ground

Oasis returns to reclaim lost ground. Two and a half years since they last scored a number one, the bad boys of Brit pop Oasis have a new chart topper called 'Go Let It Out'. The single from the Gallagher brothers Noel and Liam and the rest of the group seems to start where they left off in July 1997. The single with the trademark powerful grunge sound is taken from the band's forthcoming album 'Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants' (wonder what that means).

Oasis is about to begin a world tour this month. It follows the band's disastrous tour which ended abruptly in the US in 1998. Well now at least Noel Gallagher says he is a reformed man ever since his wife gave birth recently. Even Liam who is also a dad appears to have settled down.

The last Oasis No: 1 song was 'D'you Know 'What I Mean' in July 1997. Their follow up single 'Stand By Me' was released shortly after Diana, Princess of Wales died. The single could not break Elton John's 'Candle In The Wind's hold at the top of the UK singles chart at the time. Instead 'Stand By Me' had to settle for the No:2 position. The Gallagher brothers were infact furious over the public grief following the late Princess of Wales' death. It in effect brought to an end further releases from the last album. Ofcourse the brothers themselves were having their squabbles. It is now almost late February 2000 and a lot of water has flowed since all those incidents.

The Eurodance beat of the Italian trio Eiffel 65 marks its presence on the UK singles chart this week. The act's new single 'Move Your Body' in the true Spirit Of 'Blue (Deba De)' checks into the chart at No: 3. 'Blue' the debut release in the UK last year, went straight to the top of the chart. Both singles are taken from Eiffel 65's album 'Europop'. That album plus its debut single 'Blue' has taken the US dance scene and charts by storm.

Another Italian dance act the Tamperer is also present on the chart. The Tamperer entered last week at No: 6 with 'Hammer To The Heart.' This song borrows heavily from the Boney M hit 'Rasputin'. Once again Maya is the featured vocalist on the Tamperer's single. You may recall the Tamperer was once an act that which topped the UK chart with 'Feel It' in 1998. This week 'Hammer To The Heart' takes a beating falling 6 notches to No:12.

Giving the old Anita Baker hit 'Sweet Love', a new lease of life is the act Fierce. The trio featuring Sabrina, Chantal and Aisha update 'Sweet Love' and push into the chart at No: 3 last week, far better than Anita Baker's performance of No: 13 in 1986. This week however 'Sweet Love' tumbled to No: 11.

It was reported last weekend that a BBC guard had been stalking East Ender's star and now singer Matrine McCutcheon.

Two flashes that surfaced on Valentine's Day were the news that David Bowie aged 53 would become a father soon as his model wife Imam Abdul Majid was expecting their first baby.

'Scary Spice' or Mel G who recently dumped her husband Jimmy Guzar is very much in love with another man called Max G.

Still with the Spice Girls, they are being sued by the Italian scooter company Aprillia for £1 1/2 million. The company says the Spice Girls signed a deal under which they would maufacture scooters with the 5 Spice Girls picture. But shortly after the deal Geri Halliwell quit the group in May 1998. Hence Aprillia could not sell the bikes. On Friday 11th February Geri Halliwell came to the High Court in London to appear in support of the girls.

Meanwhile the Spice Girls are counter sueing Aprillia for £ 212,000 for failing to keep up a sponsorship agreement and non-payment of royalities.


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