Chance to attract investment at Asian summit
Sri Lanka is to get a rare opportunity to present the island's new investment climate when President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga addresses a gathering of top business and political leaders at the East Asia Economic Summit in Singapore this week.

The summit, organised by the World Economic Forum, is to be held on October 12-14 and has as its theme the topic "Asia's future: Recapturing dynamism". The chief executives of some of the world's top companies will be taking part in the summit, along with economists and academics from the region.

President Kumaratunga will make her main presentation at the summit on Tuesday October 14, speaking at the session 'Focus on South Asia'. She will be accompanied by a high-level 15-member business delegation, which includes Ceylon Chamber of Commerce chairman Tilak de Zoyza, Aitken Spence chairman, Harry Jayawardena, and chairman of the Ceylinco Group Lalith Kotelawala.
She will also attend a reception hosted by Sri Lanka envoy in Singapore for Singaporean businessmen.

BOI chairman Arjunna Mahendran said the visit of President Kumaratunga and her delegation is "very significant" in terms of promoting investment in the island.

"It will give us a very high profile," he said. "The only heads of state to address the summit will be President Kumaratunga and the King of Jordan."The CEOs of Fortune 500 companies will be there, specifically people with an interest in Asia," he added.

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