Over-confidence let Lanka down
By Bernie Wijesekera
The Pakistan team though beaten by India in the penultimate game, still entered the final of the Videocon Asian Emerging teams tournament staged here. They were quite aware that the Sri Lanka team was riding a crest of a wave in this inaugural tournament staged in their own backyard. No doubt they have a good side, said Azhar Zaidi, the manager of the team, after their win over Sri Lanka in the final.

But the Pakistanis outplayed them in all departments of the game. Any reasons for this setback? Over-confidence. One must not underestimate your opponents, but must plan out strategy. It's not the individual performance that matters in the end but the team must act collectively to achieve one’s objective. Sri Lanka failed in this aspect.

Coach Naveed Anjum, got the act-together. The players were told to heal the old wounds before the final. With sheer determination they were able to overcome fear. The team led by Qaiser Abbas, fought a relentless battle to do proud for their country, Zaidi added.

Don't you think it was a good toss to win? But it doesn't matter. But if one has self belief and play for the right reasons then other issues are secondary. The bowlers, bowled to a better line and length and had the Lankan batsmen prodding and groping.

Lacked discipline
In contrast with a modest total to confront the Lankan bowlers sprayed their deliveries all over. They lacked discipline. This has to be done at the nets. Yes.
Is this your first trip to Sri Lanka? Yes. From 1976 todate I've been involved with Pakistani circket - as player, administrator and manager with national teams at home and abroad. Served in the Ex-Co. of the PCB. He has played with the likes of Abdul Qadir, Saeed Anwar, Javed Miandad, Waqar Younis, Mustaq Ahamed etc.

Has served with the Lahore Cricket Association todate (for 25 years). Is Pakistan cricket on a firm foundation under the present President of the PCB, Lt. Gen. Taquair Zia? He is a firm disciplinarian. He means business. He is indispensable and commands respect. He has a vision that is to uplift the game for Pakistan to enjoy a better future. He works with much understanding with the other members of the Ex-Co. Also has the time to listen to others' views, too.

Nothing for his own personal benefit. His son Junaid - a lanky fast bowler, wrought havoc against Sri Lanka in the final (man of the match) and won many other awards in the end. He played for Pakistan in one-day cricket against B'desh. Junaid was appointed captain for this tour, by the selectors. But Gen. Zia was quick to move in and objected to his appointment and he was removed. Qaiser Abbas was made the captain.

Junaid and Abbas shared the same room on this tour - 118. Zia's ambition is to build an Academy and a first class venue at every city. This is a gift to the district organisers and for the players and will be remembered for a long time. It's a fine gesture by him and totally funded by the PCB.

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