Let’s part with implacable enmity and pick the best

By Ven. Galboda Siri Gnanissara Nayaka Maha Thera (Podihamuduruwo-Gangaramaya).

Of those animals, that creep, the wisest is the cobra, he is also the King. If the Naga Cobra, becomes angry, he will never give it up, it is the same with King Elephant.

Various races and religions co-existed in amity in this country. For quite some time now, I have continued to write to the press about the emergence of minority problems due to the weaknesses of the main political parties. Today, it looks as though an initiative is being taken to correct this situation. Someone must forget and forgive, irrespective of whose fault it is and take the initiative to correct the error. Realizing this situation, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has understood clearly how he must collaborate with the minority groups if they join his party. It is a matter for pleasure that he is a person with such an understanding. This augurs well for Sri Lanka’s future and is a blessing. His message to those minorities who join his party at the forthcoming general elections was an inspired pronouncement. This message galvanized the minorities and set an example to the whole world.

The religious atmosphere that existed in the country at one time has now begun to deteriorate and fade. In addition, the masses have become weak and incapable of understanding things with alacrity and are not able to do things methodically. What is there to say about a country that is overwhelmed by laziness and slothfulness? Everyone should eschew laziness and get down to working honestly and righteously, mindful of future generations.

Beginning last month, the government increased the wage of the estate labour sector from Rs. 290/- to Rs. 405/- We are fully aware that, in terms of the economic problems facing the country, this increase is inadequate. But, does the labour sector render a service to deserve at least-those wages?

I cannot help but state that, the eight-hour workday has now become a two-hour workday. If those employed either in the state sector or the private sector render a good and effective service, at least during those two hours, this country can be rescued from the slump it has fallen into. If the Plantation Sector adopts this two-hour workday, what could be the fate of the Plantation Sector? Do all those people who talk about inflation and price hikes deploy their labour and time to their jobs, correctly and justly? Or do they not? Please consider this, true to your conscience.

Economic authorities say the state invests more funds to provide free education, than the fee levied from students in private educational institutions. If that were so, are private tuition arrangements and revision classes necessary for children? It is essential that someone should probe to discover what happened to those wholesome qualities and Bodhisatva virtues of parents, teachers and adults who lived in this country in earlier eras.

'The time has come, to exercise wisdom to elect good people, who are virtuous, honest, humble and capable of achieving good results, if such candidates have been nominated for the general election. Such people have to be elected, irrespective of the party, they represent, forgetting all the differences, controversies and dissensions.

The people of this country should have the wisdom to forget and forgive implacable enmities and take steps to initiate activities leading to the well-being of future generations. Those faults that you impose on others should be imposed upon yourselves. The time has dawned now to rescue this land, bringing about the unity of the family, forging friendship among those in the villages, in a religious atmosphere, with the firm intention of making this a great land. All those persons, who are pathetically misled and frenzied by such divisions as race, creed, politics, caste etc. and view the world with anger and hatred, speak in anger and act in anger and hatred, should discover their own defects and weaknesses, through a process of self-examination.

May the people be wise enough to display boards that announce, “Who is efficient and capable of serving the people? Our preference is for him.” The leadership that will emerge through this process will be able to define what is right and wrong. Age is no bar. Those who are mature in views, knowledge and wisdom and are efficient will not have a problem with age. Honour and respect for elders would be a tribute to experience and service.

At the next general elections, Sri Lanka should set an unprecedented example. This responsibility is yours, as the honourable citizens of this country. All should display in front of their houses, their problems and the problems of the country. When this is done, those politicians who cannot address these issues will not visit those homes. You must use your ballot, to support those who can address issues and those who will step forward to solve them.

This is the right moment to persuade and guide the candidates who spend money for posters, banners and various propaganda material to utilize such funds to provide copy books, pens and pencils and such useful items for the benefit of schoolchildren. . May all those who enter the political arena resolve to launch such noble projects. We earnestly hope this will be an exemplary general election totally devoid of controversies, brawls, conflicts and mutual attacks. May all the wise people of this country concentrate on achieving this peaceful aim.

Scientists, tend to have vague feelings about the possibility of a total destruction of the world in 2012. This is timely for us to arrive at decisions, while being aware of the imminence of death. May all religious institutions make this the opportunity to bless the totality of the citizens of earth, to prevent the fear of the end of the world, and dispel such an enormous disaster. May both the clergy and the laity join hands in bringing about this era of blessing. May all beings be happy and may this country be free from all evil.

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