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Planters’ Association of Ceylon to host 169th Annual General Meeting




The Planters' Association of Ceylon (PA) will be hosting its 169th Annual General Meeting on September 22 in the presence of Dewi Gustina Tobing, Ambassador of Indonesia to Sri Lanka while Niraj De Mel, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tea Board, will be participating as the guest of honour.

In a media release, the PA said it was established in 1854 has been a stalwart advocate for promoting, fostering, and safeguarding the plantation industry in Sri Lanka and championing the interests of the planting community and its members.

With a robust membership comprising 22 of Sri Lanka’s Regional Plantation Companies (RPCs) and private plantation entities, the PA serves as the apex body responsible for approximately 40 per cent of the country's tea, rubber, coconut, and oil palm cultivation. Collectively, the association’s members manage over 330 factories, providing direct employment to over 125,000 individuals, while indirectly supporting more than one million Sri Lankans across the island.

Throughout its 169 year history, the PA has played a pivotal role in numerous crucial initiatives aimed at advancing Sri Lanka's plantation industry. The PA remains unwavering in its dedication to advocating progressive policies that ensure the sustained prosperity of the Sri Lankan plantation industry. Key areas of focus encompass issues related to wages, productivity enhancement, crop diversification, and other critical agricultural practices and policies. The Association also plays an integral role in raising awareness regarding the profound impact of policies on the industry and its extensive network of stakeholders.

Today, the Planters' Association of Sri Lanka retains its prominent and influential status in the country's plantation sector and continues to actively work towards the sustainable growth of the industry, prioritising the welfare of its workforce and contributing to the economic well-being of the nation.

The 169th AGM will see the appointment of the Chairman and the executive committee who will steer the Association for 2023/2024.


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