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Education Ministry announced holiday plan for schools


The Education Ministry has announced this year’s holiday schedule for schools.

The Ministry had divided school terms into stages to facilitate New Year holidays as well as to conduct  government examinations.

Accordingly the  first term would commence from March 27, 2023. After seven days of operation the schools would be closed for the Sinhala Tamil New year holidays on April 05 for a period of 11 days.

Thereafter the second stage of the first term is to be held from April 17 to May 12. Thereafter once more a 11 day school holiday would be given on May 13 to 24,2023for G.C.E ordinary level exams from May 13 to 24.

Thereafter the third stage of the first term would start from May 25 to July 20. Thereafter a two day holiday stretching from April 21 to 23 was held to break school terms.

 The second term would commence from July 24 to October 14 to November 12. Thereafter holidays would be given in order to hold the grade five scholarship and advanced level exams.

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