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Gammanpila advices CEB to go for 90 minute power cuts now to avoid longer power outages later


The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) should understand that its quest to provide uninterrupted power for 24 hours a day could lead to a situation where the country could suffer power blackouts lasting for many hours in about 1 1/2 months if precious foreign exchange resources are depleted, Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila said. 

Addressing a media briefing, Mr Gammanpila said there was a danger of countrywide blackouts lasting many hours if the Government ran out of limited foreign exchange that's left. 

Offering some "advice" to the CEB, Minister Gammanpila claimed that if the CEB goes for 90 minute power cuts every day now, they would only need to impose power cuts lasting that duration till the rains arrive. "The people will be able to endure 90 minute power cuts better than sudden three hour power cuts that the CEB may have to impose in the coming weeks if the situation does not improve," he stressed.  

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