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Kandy Police hunt down Blue Sapphire thief


Police are hunting down for a man who posed off as a millionaire businessman and got away with blue sapphire by changing it with a fake gem stone at a leadering Gem and Jewellery shop in Kandy.

The  well-known Gem and Jewellery  shop is situated on the Peradeniya road in Kandy.

The man who posed off as a millionaire was helped by two brokers.

The suspects have pretended as if they are checking gemstones and while they were checking the gem stones they have switched the original blue sapphire gem stone with a fake stone.

The jewelry shop employees were suspicious of the weight of the gem stone after the three men left. Thereafter they checked the weight and confirmed that the stone was a fake and immediately lodged a complaint at the Kandy police.

 The Headquarters Inspector of Kandy Police inspector Rasika Sampath said that investigations revealed fraudsters had used some other person to visit the shop earlier and check on the  shape of the blue sapphire.

The suspects had brought a  fake stone to the same shape of the gem stone .

He added that they are carrying out further investigation by inspecting the footage of the suspects which was recorded in CCTV cameras.

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