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State Ministers assures full transparency in Govt programmes



State Minister of Finance Shehan Semasinghe said that they would perform everything from restructuring debt to implementing welfare programmes with  full transparency .

He made these comments during the discussion held at the Ministry of Finance (24) with the United states Trade Representative for South and Central Asia. The minister also added that the government would take every step to ensure economic stability in Sri Lanka.

The state minister elaborated that they are implementing a program by securing transparency, thus communicating every information with the people.

 “After the reforms carried out by the government in the last short period of time, we can see a clear stability in the economy of Sri Lanka. But we have implemented the program to create stability in the country's economy so that the country will not go into such an economic abyss again”, he said.

The the United States Trade Representative, Mr. Brendan Lynch expressed his appreciation for taking quick steps to stabilize Sri Lanka's economy.

He pointed out that the American government is ready to increase investment opportunities and expand foreign trade in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Lynch and other officials from the US Trade Representative for South and Central Asia, Mr. H.G. Sumanasinghe, Additional Secretary and others representing the Ministry of Finance, took part in this event.

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