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The rise and fall of Dengue cases


Despite a surge in the Dengue cases this year compared to other years, there has been a decline in the number of cases.

A drastic  increase of dengue patients in the country, in comparison to the previous years was reported, with most reported from the Colombo District. 

The dengue patients reported until September of the year 2022,  shows that uptodate 45,135 have been reported, while the total of patients reported for the entire year of 2021 was only 25,607. 

The month of August 2022 reported 5,645 dengue patients, an increase in comparison to the corresponding month last year where only 878 patients were reported.

The Colombo district is observed to be generally the highest contributor to the count, reporting 1357 in August and 192 already in September. 

Though this year’s Dengue cases have been high compared to the previous years, there has been a decline from July onwards. The peak of 11,146 patients was reported in July while the count halved in August. 

Aedes, the mosquito responsible for spread of dengue, has been reported to have bred most in discarded items and water storage items the most, contributing to 26.2% and 20.2% respectively within the period of January to June in 2022. 

The National Dengue Control Unit is taking measures to combat dengue, with a Special Mosquito Control Programme held in Colombo, Kalutara, Kandy, Galle and Kegalle held from September 1 to September 3. 

Citizens can find and contact their closest PHI officer through https://phi.lk/find-your-public-health-inspector-sri-lanka.html

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