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Vedda Chieftain speaks in defense of ‘Aragalaya’


The Vedda chieftain, Uruvarigaye Vannila Aeththo has come out in defence for those took part in the ‘Aragalaya’ and has called to take action against any offenders only through courts.


“If the people who participated in the aragalaya did wrong, punish them by court”,  the Veddha chief said addressing a media conference at Dambana


He expressed his ideas in regard to the arrest of Wasantha Mudalige, who he claimed to be belonging to the Vedda clan from his maternal side. 


“I thought the aragalaya would result in a favorable consequence, but it has caused a large injustice, with those who said it was good contradicting it now”, the Vedda chieftain stated. 


He requested any punishment for wrongdoings, if done, to be conducted via the court and not through detaining for months and causing physical and mental harm. 


“The youth did not speak for his personal gain, but for the needs of the entire country, which has caused the appointment of the current President”, the Vedda chieftain stated, emphasizing proper judiciary measures to be taken. 

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