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Education reforms coming up next year: Minister Susil Premajayantha


Education Minister Susil Premajayantha has announced details of proposed educational reforms coming up next year.

Accordingly, he said no provincial schools will be converted to national schools in future.

“The number of education zones will be increased from 100 to 120 from next year. I have informed Parliamentarians and trade unions about this”,he said.

Meanwhile, the 312 education divisions will be converted to 550 school boards. From the boards a total number of 1200 clusters will be set up. Each cluster will be six to 10 schools out of which one or a few will be lead schools,” the Minister said.

Addressing the General Convocation of the National Institute of Education, Minister Premajayantha said he won’t convert any provincial schools into national schools, but only lead schools. These lead schools will have classes from grades 6-13 and will be bilingual, have all A/L streams and equipped with IT and laboratory facilities.

According to the Minister, schools will also see changes with three categories introduced: grade 1-5 will be the primary section, 6-9 the junior secondary and grade 10-13 as senior secondary. He said 1AB and 1C schools will have three principals for the three categories.

He said next year Computer Resource Centres (CRC)’s will be increased from 86 to 100 and all teachers will be trained in IT in these centres.

The Minister said 8000 graduates will be posted to school by March as financial and management assistants.

“They will be responsible for financial transactions in school offices while principals will have more time to concentrate on academic and other activities in their respective schools,” he said.

Next year will see administrative reforms starting from the Education Ministry. The subjects and roles of additional secretaries will undergo changes, the Minister said. (NF)

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