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Lanka Sathosa puts down prices of 10 essential items


Lanka Sathosa says it has marked down the cost of ten essential food items in order to provide further relief to the people.

The price revision of the following food items is effective from March 24 at all outlets of Lanka Sathosa:

Dried chillies – Rs. 1,380 per kg (reduced by Rs. 120),  Garlic – Rs. 450 per kg (reduced by Rs. 25),  Sprats – Rs. 1,100 per kg (reduced by Rs. 25),  Gram – Rs. 555 per kg (reduced by Rs. 55), Samba rice – Rs. 199 per kg (reduced by Rs. 11),  Canned fish – Rs. 520 per 425g (reduced by Rs.10), Big onion – Rs. 119 per kg (reduced by Rs. 10),  Local potatoes – Rs. 270 per kg (reduced by Rs. 10),  White sugar – Rs. 210 per kg (reduced by Rs. 7) and  Vatana dhal – Rs. 298 per kg (reduced by Rs. 7)

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