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Watch out for Evolution
By Thiruni Kelegama
Different. That is certainly how you would term 'Evolution', a live, unplugged musical, the latest performance by the Old Joes Choir,

Enjoying their music : The Old Joes Choir photographed by Mettasena

The Old Joes Choir was formed in 1997 and has evolved to become one of the leading chorale groups in Sri Lanka. Their forte is not just spiritual and classical music, but also modern contemporary music.

'Preghiera', their launch concert was held in 1999. The repertoire consisted of spiritual music.

'Evolution', a live and unplugged musical, however does not comply with the norms of a traditional evening of music. The event is unique as the repertoire for the evening will range from 18th century classical music to modern contemporary rock. The choir will be accompanied by a 22-member Chamber Orchestra. The pianist for the evening is Kamalinie Samarakoon who worked with them in Circle of Life II.

Scheduled to be held on August 23 and 24 at the Russian Cultural Centre, 'Evolution' is the first step through which the choir hopes to master the art of Acapella music and remain a choir that provides entertainment for everyone. Their focus is on evolving from spiritual and classical music to performing any type of choral music in the innovative spirit of the Old Joes Choir.

"This is definitely not going to be a traditional choir performance. The costumes will be different from the usual costumes worn by a choir, the music would be different as most of the songs have been re-worked," said the producer of 'Evolution' Michael Ranasinghe. "Music lovers will find this a novel experience."

Mr. Ranasinghe stressed that most of the songs to be performed by the choir have been re-worked. Deshan Cooray, the choral director is responsible for this, as well as the direction of 'Evolution'. He conceptualized how each song can be performed chorally; therefore he changed the interlude to suit a choir, then added a different range of instruments and changed the harmony. He has also been assisted by Kamalinie Samarakoon and Damien of Wildfire. "He certainly is a creative genius, he has somehow made sure that there is something for everyone to listen to and enjoy!" added Michael.

Why was it called 'Evolution'? The question was answered by Dayan Gunesekara, the choir leader. "The idea was to branch out and project ourselves as a contemporary outfit. We have evolved from just another choir to one that is not afraid to experiment with anything. Therefore, we called this maiden performance in which we would dare to be different 'Evolution', as we would be proving this to the audience. Most people like to listen to different types of music, therefore we made sure this show would cater to everyone."

"We wanted it to be personal; not for a mass market. This way we can set out to reveal to the audience that we can handle anything..." added Dayan, "be it a piece by Bach or a number by Queen or the Beatles." He also stated that their vision is to team up with a European Choral Group, who have tentatively agreed to visit Sri Lanka in the first half of 2003.

The main sponsor for 'Evolution' is Sinwa Footwear and the co-sponsors are Elephant Cream Soda, 101.7 TNL, Lite 89.2 and The Sunday Times.

With performances from 18th century masterpieces, Broadway musicals, music from the 70's, contemporary music and modern rock, 'Evolution' is sure to cast a whole new light on the music scene of today. Guaranteed.

Rocking with HOPE
Feel the rhythm in the air blend in with the beat of your heart...
Experience music that will 'rock' your soul...
Entertainment that will revamp your mind...
Dream of the rhythms that will soothe, your body...
Walk a step further and...
Spare a thought for the thousands of lives that you will help save...
You and I will have the opportunity on August 31 to take part in an evening of music and hope for everyone. Organized by the Student Activity Club of Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) in collaboration with HOPE Cancer Hospital Society, in aid of the proposed 'Hope Cancer Hospital'; "HOPE RoCkS" is guaranteed to give you the chance to experience something you have never seen or heard before.

The organizers promise a different kind of experience in one of the biggest musical concerts to be held this year. The students of Information Technology and Business Studies at APIIT hope to promote social awareness of the need for the proposed new hospital and also to highlight our responsibilities towards the society we live in. As budding business leaders and IT professionals of the future, they say it is important to understand that our duty towards fellow human beings should come before "higher profit margins."

The youth of the country have led the campaign to raise funds for the HOPE Cancer Hospital project since its inception and now the students of APIIT Lanka have taken the initiative to promote the concept further, with genuine commitment and a spirit of love. They invite each and every citizen to join hands with them to light the candle of hope for the future and to have faith in human goodness; because faith is the fountain of hope and hope is the fountain of life itself.

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