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Concept of cluster schools consisting of lead schools to be introduced: Minister


The Minister of Education Dr.Susil Premajayantha has announced a  new school system that is to be introduced in the near future based on the geographical settings and requirements of the students.

The Minister made the disclosure at a recent meeting at the Colombo Zonal Education Office.

Dr. Premajayantha said  that he is always principally against the concept of national schools which divides society and instead of it a cluster  cluster schools  will be introduced in the future.

These cluster schools will connect with the schools nearby based on their location and the requirements of the students. This cluster will function with one or more lead schools.

This new school system can be economical and resources may be shared and used more efficiently, the education minister highlighted as he addressed the meeting.

Through this program, there will be no isolated schools or neglected students, the minister further expressed.

Furthermore, the minister said that it could be possible to identify 1200 such cluster schools island-wide by around next January.

The lead school concept will be implemented under the process of educational administrative reforms through the National Educational Reforms Center (NERC) and the Provincial Educational Reform Centers (PERC).


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