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Virtual university exhibition hosted at Ladies’ College Colombo


Ladies’ College Colombo will host a Virtual University Exhibition Monday, November 21,2022.

The virtual exhibition would allow students, parents and teachers can meet online with 25 foreign universities from USA,UK, Canada, India and The Emirates to gather information about higher studies, scholarship opportunities, application processes and relevant topics pertaining to university education.

There would be 24 workshops conducted on matters such as how to effectively prepare to Apply, write a college essay, and navigate Selective college admissions and Write a Letter of Recommendation.

Students can download brochures, obtain application fee waivers and get one-on-one assistance on financial aid possibilities.

Six workshops would also be held for teachers during the exhibition.

every student, parent and teacher are requested to register via https://vue.webifairs.com to watch the demo video and familiarize to navigate the platform.


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