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Airman to swim with 100 Kg of garbage, aims Guinness Record


In celebration of World Ocean Day, which is to be commemorated on June 8, Air Force Corporal Roshan Abeysundara is set to swim a distance of 10 km in the ocean in Mt Lavinia with 100 kg of garbage. 

With the main aim of raising awareness of ocean pollution, he also hopes he would be a Guinness World Record holder. 

Under the guidance of Air Marshal Sudarshana Pathirana with the main aim of raising awareness of the pollution caused to the ocean by human activities, Corporal Roshan will be swimming a distance of 10 km while carrying a weight of 100 kg of garbage found in the ocean. This will be done on June 8 at the Mount Lavinia coastal line at 5.30 am. 

It was reported that around 10 million tons of plastic have been released to the Ocean due to various human activities.  The importance of keeping the ocean clean for marine and human lives was emphasized by the Air force. 

The awareness of these factors would be able to reduce ocean pollution, stated Corporal Abeysundara.

Similarly, in 2021 Corporal Roshan Abeysundara swam a distance of 59.3 km from Talaimannar to Dhanushkodi, India with a similar aim of awareness of ocean pollution.

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