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Death Penalty for anyone in possession of 5g of ICE


The Supreme Court has the authority to sentence anyone, including school children, to death for possessing five grams of crystal methamphetamine (Ice), according to Justice and Prisons Affairs State Minister Anuradha Jayaratne. 


According to the amendment made to the Poisons, Opium, and Dangerous Drugs Act No. 41 of 2022, a person found guilty of possessing 'Ice' could face the death penalty. The specific amendment went into effect on Tuesday (23).


"Even though the use of ice is dangerous, previous laws only enforced the law on heroin. The country is currently dealing with serious drug problems," State Minister Jayasekara stated. 


According to statistics, there are currently 26,000 people in prison, with 16,000 of them in remand custody. Sixty-five percent of them are charged with drug possession or use.


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