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UNP General Secretary says ready for any election


Following President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s announcement during the Budget Speech that Presidential and general elections will be held next year, the United National Party too have stepped up  their preparations for upcoming elections.

UNP’s General Secretary, Palitha Range Bandara told Times Online that the party without any hesitation has chosen to field their party leader Wickremesinghe as the presidential candidate,

 “Though there were 225 members within the parliament, there were no one to take charge over the country when the country was in a crisis, even the opposition and its leader failed to take the opportunity to form a government . It was dthen our leader took the challenge and handled  the situation and therefore without doubt we would name Mr Wickeremesinghe as our candidate for the 2024 presidential election candidate,” he said

He explained that the UNP has already prepared for any election out of the upcoming parliamentary or presidential elections, and elaborated that they have divided the Districts and electorates to organize party activities.

“We are prepared for elections. We have appointed coordinators for zones which make up electorates and districts. After taking that step we are planning to have the district organization meetings from the month of December 2023.” he said.

He added that they are planning to give advice and work plans to the responsible teams, to create strong organisations within their respective divisions.

The General Secretary said that they have already prepared 153 Balamandala before the UNP convention, and there are only seven Balamandala remaining to be set up island wide, and added that they are capable of setting up the remaining Bala Mandala while they are creating district organizations.

“Our women’s organizations are operating island wide within every under the Leadership of the Chair of the Lankwanitha origination. Accordingly women organizers are appointed at the district and electorate levels, under their directions women’s organizations are created and women are empowered,” he said.

“We are already started and carrying out the organizing activities to strengthen the party, however the election campaign would be started nearing an election or mostly after an election is called,” he said

 He added that the organizing committee of the party would find suitable areas to hold the first and last rallies according to the campaign and event.  

“ We plan to launch a set of meetings covering every electorate within the country, we have not yet planned it, we need to set up a plan to arrange the meetings along with the commencement of the election campaign,” he said.

See video for interview on timeonline.lk


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