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Exams chief pleads not to disrupt A/L by election campaigns


Commissioner General of Examinations Amith Jayasundara  today called on the public, including those involved in election campaigns not to act in a manner disturbing those sitting the G.C.E. (A/L) examinations commencing tomorrow.

Mr Jayasundara addressing a press conference today  that the stage was set for the conduct of the examination with final preparations underway.

Examination papers for six days have been transported with police security while the examination, he said.

The examination is scheduled to continue for a period of 22 days until February 17, excluding Sundays and Government holidays. 

Mr. Jayasundara said  278,196 school candidates and 53,513  private candidates, adding up to a total of 331,709 candidates are due to sit the exam.

He said no power cuts will be imposed during the conduct of the  A/L examinations, keeping with the assurances given by the respective institutions,

He said that the CEB, LECO and the PUCSL has assured that no power cuts will be imposed while the exam is in progress.

The PUCSL has given a separate assurance that power will not be interrupted after seven in the evening.

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