Using location and improving your memory

The Location Method

You have to call a friend when you get home in the evening and let him know about a book you saw today. How can you remember to do this, easily? Picture yourself talking to your friend. Two large books are sticking out of your friend's ears. He is smiling. Imagine you taking a photo of this situation. See this photo pasted on your main door. When you get home in the evening think about the imaginary photo you pasted on the main door. As you remember the details of the photo, you will remember your friend's face with books sticking out of his ears. This will remind you to call your friend and tell him about the book. This is in general called the location method.

Imagine a situation where you have to collect some potatoes, flour, soap, ice cream, and sugar when returning home from school or office. How can you remember this, easily? See in your mind that your shirt pocket is full of potatoes. Feel flour spilling out of your left trouser pocket. Feel your right pocket bulging with soap. Imagine your shoes to be made of ice cream and feel both feet as cold. Imagine that you are balancing five packets of sugar on your head. When you visit the grocery shop in the evening recall what's on your head, pockets and feet. By doing this you'll be able to remember the list you want to take home.

How can you use this to improve your memory further? How can this be applied to day to day activities? One of the most effective ways of using this system is to make use of different locations in your house, school or office and link these locations to what you want to remember. Thinking of a location and then recalling what you linked to it is easier than simply trying to remember a fact.
What are a few places you can use as locations to link the things you want to remember? Your home is one of the most ideal places for remembering since you know the in and out of it and would be easy to recall. Imagine you need to keep in mind the key facts of a speech you are to deliver. Write down the main points and decide on a key word that represents each point. Number the key words representing the main points in the order in which you wish to deliver your speech. Now divide your home into different sections. Assign a number to the principal pieces of furniture and objects. Then arrange them in an order that is easy for you to recall.


  • Main door - 1
  • Master bedroom - 2, 3, 4,
  • Living room - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
  • Pantry - 12, 13, 14, 15

As an example, you may give a number to your bed, table, chair, a painting in your bedroom and the door of your room. Link the key words or the main points to these objects. Then walk through your house - look at the selected objects and recall the key point linked to each. When you can recall all the key points, imagine delivering the speech. Shift your attention to the front door. What have you linked to it?

Remember the key word, and the content associated with it will come to your mind. Speak a few sentences on it. Next go to your bedroom and remember item 2. It may be your bed, a table or a chair. What did you link to it? Think about the key word, and facts associated with it will begin to flow. Similarly visit the locations and recall the key points.

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