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Incentives for public sector officials on language efficiency revised


The incentive allowances to be paid for state employees who pass National Languages Qualification tests have been revised with the introduction of marking schemes rather than accepting a simple pass in the relevant examinations. 

According to a recent circular issued by the Treasury, those who score 80- 100 marks will be entitled to a one time incentive of Rs 25,000 while those get 65–79 marks will be paid Rs 20,000. For those who receive 50–64 marks, will be given Rs 15,000. The allowance is in addition to the monthly increment as well. 

Earlier, officers who pass proficiency levels ranging from 1-4 were entitled to obtain allowances starting from Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 if they passed both written and oral examinations. 

Under the newly revised circular, state employees who were recruited from July 1, 2013, and failed to complete relevant language proficiency levels are required to acquire the level of competency in other official languages -either Tamil or Sinhala within three years. 

“The salary increment to be granted shall be suspected for the officers who do not satisfy the requirement of competency in language by the end of the prescribed period until they satisfy the prescribed qualification,” the circular added. 


Head of the state departments are also instructed to grant leave for an officer when he requested to participate in such courses to complete language competency exams. 


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