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Lankans in IPL: Rajasthan Royals rewards Viyaskanth as net bowler


Jaffna Kings Spinner Vijayakanth Viyaskanth, appointed by the Indian Premier League’s Rajasthan Royals (RR), as an – Elite Net Bowler – is keen in making a mark in T20 leagues than red-ball cricket, he said.  

“While I was in Bangladesh itself in January (playing the Bangladesh Premier League) I knew I would get this. Meaning, I had hopes and was told they were trying. I still was not having high hopes,” the Jaffna born-and-bred cricketer told Timesonline on Tuesday.  

“I normally like to play T20’s only. I honestly don’t like to play red-ball cricket, anymore. I’m eager in playing white-ball only. Hence, I am really looking forward in playing more T20’s. There are many ways and techniques of bowling in Twenty20’s,” the ex-Jaffna Central College captain, explained.

“The then-CEO of Jaffna Stallions (Now-Jaffna Kings), Anandan Arnold, had asked (Kumar) Sangakkara of any opportunities. It is through that I got this”.

Kumar Sangakkara, the cricket Director and Head Coach of RR, had himself called and told me confirming the slot, Viyaskanth added.  

The slot was confirmed last week and the 21-year-old is expected to leave on Wednesday, the latest, his manager, Shyam Impett, said. 

The right-arm leg-spinner, in his debut foreign T20 league in BPL, took six wickets in six matches.

The IPL kicks off exactly in ten-days from March 21, and RR’s pre-camp will be in Nagpur.

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