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New Zealand declares flood emergency


A state of emergency was declared in New Zealand following the heavy floods situation and a student going missing in the Abbey Caves (off Auckland).

Due to this severe rainfall, it has caused a severe impact on the Railway services, and it has toppled trees, filled-up basements, landslides, and stranded vehicles.

This state of emergency has been declared as a precaution for the public, and the disaster management teams have already been deployed.

It was reported that a group of students gone for a school outing had been in the Abbey Caves when the floods hit, all of them except for one student managed to escape and search operations are underway for this missing student.

“We will get through this. We will support Auckland through it, We know that it’s tough coming on top of everything else that they’ve been dealing with, but right now my request to people is just to keep yourself safe.” Prime Minister Chris Hipkins stated.

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