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Palestine Solidarity Committee condemns Israeli attacks on Jenin, Gaza


The Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestine strongly condemns Israeli forces' last week's massacre of Palestinian civilians in the occupied territories.

It is with great regret that the committee notes the death of ten Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp,  the scene of repeated Israeli raids in recent months.

Already 30 Palestinians have been killed this month by Israeli forces under Benjamin Netanyahu's new government comprising Zionist extremists who call for the elimination of the Palestinian people from occupied territories.

We are also highly disturbed by the reports that the Israeli forces fired tear gas into the children's section of a hospital and have started pounding the Gaza Strip with heavy weapons.

We also support the Palestinian leadership's call to take Israel before the International Criminal Court for the recent attacks, which only confirms our fears that Israel's new leadership would escalate its oppression of Palestinians.

We call upon the Sri Lankan government to stand by the Palestinians and condemn Israel's war crimes in occupied territories.

We also join peace-loving people worldwide in demanding the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Israeli forces from the occupied Palestinian territories, the dismantling of illegal settlements in the Palestinian land and a halt to the genocidal Israeli campaign aimed at the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people.

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