Sunday February 6, 2005

Treasury check on tsunami imports
CPC's $ 85 mn. Bharat deal on track again
Govt. to acquire private lands
Clinton, Bush to visit Lanka
Top officials acting illegally
CBK in Pakistan
Envoy bids farewell at freedom commemoration
A/L: One or two exams?
Fishermen complain state aid lacking
Focus on Indian Ocean tsunami warning system
No coupons, no aid
Trains on track up to Aluthgama
Tourist promo offer comes a cropper
JVP hails foreign troops’ assistance
Varsity non-academic staff set to resume strike
Waves of tsunami frauds, bribery
Who is to account?
Financial Times
Sad state of affairs -Hemaka
Sri Lanka-Pakistan FTA signed, sealed on Feb 8
MJF, Forbes into spas, holiday bungalows
New insurance guidelines
Dialog to list on Colombo bourse
Are you old and illiterate?
Arjuna-Warne to meet at Charity dinner?
NCP young 'uns show the seniors how
Heavy second string schedule in 2005
"Hathuru"- back to the backyard
Cricket!…Going , going, gone?
Ratnayake snatches Charity Golf Classic
The strain of pace bowling

As part of work therapy for those affected by the tsunami, displaced parents are seen stitching uniforms for the children of Galle’s Sudharma Maha Vidyalaya which was one of the worst devastated by the tidal waves. The temporary sewing centre has come up under a tent in the school ground. Pic by Lakshman Gunatillake.
Moves to have Mahinda as President - Political Column
Hundred metres: Who's running with whom?  - 5th Column 
Clinton's UN job: Tsunami chief, peacemaker or secretary general? - inside the glass house
The pampered become the pummelled  - The Rajpal Abyenayake Column 
Fifty seven years of missed economic opportunities - The Sunday Times Economic Analysis
Kroner cronies and DPL flag-wavers- Thoughts from London
  Using emergency wisely; the need to tone down the January 6 regulations - Focus on Rights
  Tiger air force: More proof - Situationa Report
“Our grief won’t grow old”
Helping them to live again
CALL FOR National Ethics Committee
Celebrating the wrong independence day
Lanka’s road accidents - preventable disasters



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